Upgrading a hobby CNC router

It all started with a nicely-priced purchase of a ShapeOko CNC router from a member of one of the hackerspaces who had no use for it. It was still new in the box. First step was to put it all together as it should be.


Parts in box

Have to tap some aluminum rails1044949_10151477256505108_255138531_n

X-gantry pretty much finished1003432_10151477355595108_1216377778_n

A completed, stock ShapeOko CNC milling machine, minus the rotary tool1016250_10151484535380108_106536218_n

One of the first upgrades was replacing the motor mounts on the sides, upgrading the metal plates and moving around the belts.


Several upgrades (and missing pictures) later, we have this:

1272691_10151650371395108_630911476_o (1)


Some planned upgrades yet to come:

  • ACME Screw upgrade for Z Axis
  • Doubling up on the aluminum extrusion across the X plane for enhanced rigidity
  • Framing entire table with 80/20 aluminum extrusion
  • Cable chains across axis for wire managment
  • Spoilboards and clamp-down solutions
  • NEMA upgrades
  • Many more